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Company Profile

Shenzhen Topmay Electronic Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of capacitors and resistors. The company headquarter is located in Shenzhen, a flourishing southern city that is recognized as one of the economic centers of China. Since established in 1998, Topmay deal globally based on the most competitive price and excellent service. Through many years’ hard work, it has gradually grown up to be an outstanding enterprise in the field of capacitors and resistors.

By closely following the latest market trends, we provide “one-stop” capacitors and resistors solution, which are applied in almost all kinds of PCB, communications, lighting, home appliance, industrial control, green energy, etc.

Our series of capacitors and resistors can be divided into below types:
★ Ceramic Disc Capacitor( low and high voltage, Y1/Y2 safety )
★ Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor( radial, axial and SMD )
★ Film Capacitor( Mylar, MKT, MKP, X2, CBB60, CBB61, CBB65, CL21-Box, CBB-BOX, CL20, CBB20, CBB81, etc. )
★ Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor(SMD, Radial , Axial, Snap-in , Screw Terminal, etc. )
★ Tantalum Capacitor(SMD, Radial , Axial )
★ Super Capacitor( Coin Type, Cylindrical Type, Module Type)
★ Mica Capacitor
★ Trimmer Capacitor
★ SMD Resistors
★ DIP TYPE Resistors( KNP, CF, MF, MOF, ect,)
★ Cement Resistors
★ Leadless Resistors( MLEF)
★ Power Resistor

All the time, Topmay holds an idea that the products quality is the life of a company. We have passed ISO9001 quality system authentication and process strong research and development center and experienced service team. In order to serve our customers better, we have made investments so that our products can meet quality standards of UL, CE, SGS, CQC, etc.

With these advantages, we have good reputation among global customers.

Topmay thanks for all trusts and supports from every customer. We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers to meet prosperity together, generations by generations.