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The Philosophy of TOPMAY: Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation, Perseverance

The above philosophy is deeply rooted in the enterprise, which helps Topmay to draw on and maintain the best employees and customers.


No one can stand without faith, and no enterprise can prosper without faith. Integrity is our opportunity for planning, the source of development and the way to survive.                At the enterprise level, we operate in good faith. We strictly comply with law and business ethics.

We take the principle of quality first and customer focus. We create win-win situations with our raw material suppliers and customers to build and maintain trusting and lasting long-term relationship.                At the employee level, we are sincere in heart, honest without fraud, building a harmonious working atmosphere.


Over the years, we adhere to efficient and pragmatic attitude to make satisfactory products by customers.

At the enterprise level, on the formulation of major strategic decision, we will not blindly pursue impossible target to achieve, but based on the company realistic situation to formulate practical strategy which come up with the company development.

At the employee level, we have the courage to settle down and concentrate on practical work. We focus on every detail and dedicated to customer service. With the rigorous attitude, we strive for profession and perfection.


Innovation is the source of enterprise vitality. A “culture of innovation” gives us a competitive advantage.

At the enterprise level, we create innovation atmosphere and improve innovation incentive mechanism, which promote sustainable and healthy development of the company. Technological innovation could help to improve quality. Management innovation could improve efficiency. Product innovation could bring more business.

At the employee level, we inspire the staff dare to break old ideas and propose new points. We encourage sales full of enthusiasm and vitality to develop business.


The bigger secret of doing business is perseverance, which is the real entrepreneurial spirit.

In the constant change of the market environment, TOPMAY is not afraid of any difficulty and never choose to give up. We stick of perseverance and behave ourselves as craftsman to constantly improve our products and service.

Success favors the prepared, and it also favors the persistent. All members of TOPMAY will work persistently toward the same goal and create a bright future.

We firmly believe that enterprise culture is the basis of the enterprise, with a good cultural manager, a good environment to nurture people, with sincere care for people, such a scientific and progressive enterprise culture will be the source of our invincible power.