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  • Год 2021

    Customers exceeded 500+; Successfully completed the volume of 2021 business Major customer: India telecom, Iran telecom Successfully developed the Brazilian market, with quite a lot of European and American customers Prepared well for 2022

  • Год 2020

    Завершена регистрация торговой марки «ЭТОПМАЙ» в Индии, России и Бразилии ; Завершено создание нового сайта компании.

  • Год 2019

    Участвовал в Индии, HK Electronic Exhibitions ; Прикладной сертификат CE

  • Год 2018

    Расширены новые производственные линии резисторов; Участие в Немецкой выставке электроники в Мюнхене; Увеличение стоимости экспорта вдвое.

  • Год 2017

    Finished the registration of trademark of “ETOPMAY” in Germany Updating certificates of SGS for all products Finished new product manual design and printing

  • Год 2016

    Got ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification and finished updating for UL certificate.

  • Год 2015

    Finished the registration of trademark of “ETOPMAY” in Hong Kong

  • Год 2013

    Develop South American market and India Market

  • Год 2012

    Lunched new products of polymer capacitor

  • Год 2011

    Finished datasheets formulation

  • Год 2010

    Brought in advanced film production equipment from Germany

  • Год 2009

    Finished the registration of trademark of “ETOPMAY” in the mainland of China

  • Год 2007

    Accelerated oversea market promotion

  • Год 2006

    Registered name of the business license changed to be Shenzhen Topmay Electronic Co. Ltd Become the gold supplier of Global Sources

  • Год 2005

    Constructed company website and be the audited supplier of Alibaba and Made-in-China

  • Год 2004

    Expanded new production lines for Tantalum capacitor

  • Год 2003

    Applied for certificates of safety film capacitor and added tantalum capacitor production lines

  • Год 2002

    Realize the transaction reform from domestic market to be oversea market

  • Год 2001

    Expanded film capacitor production line and added new production lines of electrolytic capacitor.

  • Год 2000

    Established sales office and warehouse in the center of city.

  • Год 1999

    Established production lines of ceramic capacitor and film capacitor.

  • Год 1998

    Founded in Shenzhen and built the first professional team with good experience in capacitor manufacturing.